Carmen Denali
Hello there. I am Carmen, part of the Denali clan. Do you need help, some advice, I'll help you if I can. I'd hate it if someone was suffering when I could've helped them instead. I will warn you though. Even if I am open minded, I won't tolerate anyone hurting my mate or family. I will happily die for them, but I'll make sure to all that I can to kill you before I do. (Independant Twilight rp blog|Will rp with anyone|Mun + Muse old enough for smut|May have smut +NSFW|FC: Mia Maestro)
Quietly Fearless
Quietly Beautiful

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Carmen had been in her home alone when she felt and smelled the presence of another around her home. She got up from the fireplace and placed down the book that she was reading before going to the front door. Cautiously opening it, she looked around, a shadow of a man sticking out. She called out to him, “who are you!”